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Katherine K., March 2015

"Jana is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher. She is innovative and always coming up with new ideas to help my 5 year old learn piano. She has a fantastic music room and my daughter loves discovering all the instruments. Jana uses a variety of instruments in her instruction, so lessons are more than just piano, they also create an in depth understanding of music theory."


Stephen U., March 2015

"My piano work with Jana has been fun, challenging and insightful. She is lighthearted and affirming of your abilities while keeping you focused and a bit on edge. She will guide you through the lesson from whatever place you arrive. The train leaves when you sit on her bench and you need to drive but she's got your back. She has an intuitive sense for where you are in your practice, where you need to go and most importantly, effective methods to get you there. Her support and inspiration energizes my practice each lesson and gives me thoughtful tools to approach the goals we have for the next meeting. She's great!"


Nick S., March 2015

"Jana's done a great job of really focusing on musical activities and methods that work well for our child's mentality...keeping things interesting and fun while enhancing his skills."


Kathy Z., March 2015

"Jana does an amazing job with our 6 yr now 7 yr old boy who can have issues focusing. He is flourishing playing the piano. I rarely hear him say he doesn't want to practice. He always loves his lessons. My mom is a very accomplished pianist and taught piano for years I find Jana to be just as effective!"


Sara A., March 2015

"Jana started teaching my family piano five months ago, she's an amazing teacher. She's combined me and our four and eight year old children into a single lesson and seamlessly transitions between our personalities and learning styles. She is a sweet and encouraging, using empowering and supportive language when our children struggle through their lesson. She is always on time and always smiling!"



Chandler W., February 2015

"I've had Jana as a piano teacher for about 3 months or so, and I have to say that I have been very impressed with her capability at teaching. Her unique explanations, outward personality, and never-ending patience all combine to make her a true joy to learn from. Her musical aptitude and "sixth-sense" are truly unmatched; there have been a good number of times in which she's presented a critical paradigm shift on a piece that I never would have thought of. All in all, I don't think I could have a better time learning piano from Jana."


Wendy W., February 2015

"Having Jana as a teacher has been a wonderful experience. I used to hate piano, but now I am excited for my lesson every week. Instead of teachers that make you do what they want, Jana gives me options. We tried jazz, baroque, pop music and more. She lets me use her own piano books and gives specific tips. Jana has taught me so many different areas of music. We also have fun. She always comes with a smile on her face. She always comes when we need her to(even on short notice.) Jana teaches piano theory, technique and music (of course!) When we did pop music, she bought the song I was playing on I-Tunes just so that she could help me with it even better. Jana has without a doubt, been my favorite piano teacher ever!"


Grazia C., February 2015

"We are so lucky to have found such an energetic and passionate teacher for our 6 year old. She challenges our son and he has so much fun with her. In his own words, "Jana is kind and patient. She gives me piano pieces that are challenging like my Liebestraum. It has lots of sharps and I like it! She lets me choose the piano pieces when I need to learn a new one.""


Natalie W., September 2014

"Jana is a phenomenal musician and teacher. One of her many strengths compared to some of the other instructors I've had is her ability to break down what you're not doing so effectively--then she gives you concrete exercises and advice to solve those problems. Early on in your "attacking" of a piece, she gives you ergonomic advice (finger choice, positioning, etc.) so that you're able to play more comfortably and expressively, the way the piece was meant to be played. I've never had a teacher who has such an eagle eye and is so incisive with advice. She can really "see" (and hear) what's happening and break it down for you. 

If you're getting down on yourself and your perceived lack of progress with your music, Jana is always encouraging. I've found her to be positive and professional, with a great sense of humor. I'm sure she's great with kids. If you're an adult student, as I am, prepare to grumble at yourself as you see her merrily sight read a piece that will take you weeks or months to master. She's talented, of course, but really, she has a talent for teaching. So fantastic. I love her!

PS--I was only planning on contracting with her for when my other teacher was on vacation, but I'm keeping her on indefinitely."


Paula L., August 2014

"I am a retired grandmother and I have greatly appreciated the enthusiasm and encouragement I have received through Jana's instruction! I am not only improving I am having fun! She is a gifted teacher who designs her lessons to meet the needs of the individual. I recommend her to students of all ages and abilities."



Anna B., June 2014

"Great piano teacher, and works well with my son. I would definetly recomend her to my friends."



Duane B., June 2014

"Jana is an amazing teacher! She's such an encourager. Always has a smile on her face! We couldn't be more pleased."


Irene S., May 2014

"Jana is amazing with my son, who is 5 years old and has Down syndrome. He's always responded enthusiastically to music and rhythms, so we were excited but a little bit apprehensive to see how he'd respond to the "structure" of a lesson. Jana was incredible: she moved from one concept to another quickly, but in a way he could follow 100%. She's really incorporated "play" into learning, and we couldn't be happier."


Mindy S., August 2014

"Our 5 year old daughter started lessons with Jana 3 weeks ago. Jana is very energetic and keeps the lesson moving for a 5 year old. She incorporates all the elements of music into her lessons such as rhythm, melody, voice, etc.. She is well prepared and my daughter loves her lessons."


Tara R., April 2014

"Jana is amazing and an absolute doll to work with. I'm taking lessons for my personal enjoyment/fun. She is extremely knowledgable, professional and fun!"


David Q., March 2014

"Jana is GREAT with kids!"


Shannon S., March 2014

"Jana is an excellent instructor. I have been playing for many years, and I was not sure how useful lessons would be. She has shown me where I was missing things like music expression, awareness of chords and how to break down those difficult parts of songs. Her musical knowledge is amazing. She is fun, amiable and patient. I highly recommend her."


Nichola V., March 2014

"Jana has a really creative approach to teaching piano. My 6 yr old has only had a few lessons so far but already he's done some improv and learned some theory. I'm really pleased!"


Katherin K., March 2014

"I found Jana after sending out an APB for a piano instructor with experience teaching brain-damaged students. 

Run-of-the-mill lessons just weren't cutting it for my daughter, who has mild cerebral palsy. I'd been heartbroken to see the spark go out of my kid, who has so much music in her heart but but was burning out on the old routine of drilling scales and following the dancing elves. 

Though well intentioned, our previous teachers seemed to feel they weren't giving us our money's worth unless they nagged us to practice every day and perform in a recital every term. (Not that I have anything against daily practice and recitals, but they were just the wrong approach for this physically tentative child, who was already overloaded with special ed and physical therapy.)

Thankfully, things began to look up when I read Jana's proposal. Not only was it clear that Jana had a working knowledge of neuromuscular disorders, but more importantly she "got" that I was trying to enrich my kid's artistic soul without adding to her stress level. 

I must confess that, even in spite of the wonderful written proposal, I was nervous leading up to the first lesson; and, given our previous experience, so was my daughter. 

But within minutes of Jana's arrival the house was ringing with music and laughter. Of course, Jana's enthusiasm and easy nature won my daughter over instantly. But behind the fun it was clear to me that a great deal of preparation and thought had gone into the lesson. Jana had combed my daughter's Walkman playlist for a catchy song with a straight-forward chord progression that my daughter could play along with on an electronic keyboard that a musician friend has been storing in our basement. Jana brought a portable boom box and a list of program codes for our keyboard. Within minutes my child was producing genuine, "cool" music. No more dancing elves!

At the risk of sounding maudlin, my daughter and I actually wept for joy after her first lesson with Jana. It was such a relief, after a year of tedious school bureaucracy and occupational therapy, for this child to once again feel that she was creative, talented and in control. 

We are now two months in, and my daughter still looks forward to every lesson. I've even begun to catch her practicing on her own, without prodding, just for the sheer pleasure of it. 

When Jana submitted her original proposal to me, she had suggested that at some point my daughter might like to jam with school friends. As lovely as that sounded, I was skeptical at the time, because my daughter's friends are fairly experienced musicians, and when they had invited her to play in the past she'd expressed terror at the thought. So you can imagine my surprise and joy when, out of the blue, my giggling kid bragged to me the other day that she was working on a tune to play for her friends AND (the ultimate sign of kid confidence) mulling over potential band names! 

I wish you and/or your child the same joy. Hire Jana--she is one in a million!"



Lori I., March 2014

"Jana is a total inspiration! She is very accepting of where I am musically and provides a total balance with theory, playing, and fun! It is apparent that she is quite adaptable to specific students learning styles. She was very open to every style of music. I felt completely encouraged and couldn't wait to practice after my lesson. Truly a gifted teacher as well as musician.
Thank you Jana!"


Ashley H., January 2014

"Jana is amazing! My son can be a tough nut to crack and she had him laughing within 10 min of the first lesson. I knew then we had found the right person. I highly recommend her."


Pat M., December 2013

"Jana was my daughter's first piano teacher. Although my daughter is a reluctant learner, Jana was able to break through to her, reach her were she was, and make a fine little piano player out of her! Five years later, my daughter is still playing and loving it! Yeah Jana!!!"


Ketrah S., December 2013

"Jana is a loving teacher and very good at motivating the student. My two girls practiced during the week and always looked forward to her teaching."